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Fragmented Appearances

Een reuzenbromtol met spiegelmozaïek speelt met beweging, licht en geluid.
Deze bromtol is werkelijk schitterend en reusachtig. Het draaiende spiegelmozaïek zorgt voor een ononderbroken en fascinerend spel van reflecties van de tol met zijn omgeving.

A giant humming top with mirror mosaic plays with movement, light and sound

Demo Mosaic top on YouTube.

This humming top really is huge and brilliant. The mirror mosaic gives spectacular reflections in the surrounding of the top. With the reflections and changing of colors a dazzling and alienating ambience is created. The slowly turning of the top works reflective and relaxing, attracts the audience and ixes their attention, like watching a campfire. Meanwhile the surrounding seems a turning starry sky. People can listen to the soundscape, which is based on manipulated sounds from humming tops and sounds from breaking glass. It is both attractive and alarming. In this way the installation is both alienating and reflective and the audience has to find its own relation to the work.

Mirrors represent reflection, here they are broken and change the original image. The slow turning works repetitive and reflective. In contrary alertness is needed for the sharp shelves and sounds of breaking glass. In this way mirrors are used both for alertness and reflection. Using the shape of a toy is an ideal way to combine these contradictions in a playful manner.

From a long distance the reflections can be seen. In water the appearance of the installation is doubled by the reflections in the water. The installation gives in its reflections a beautiful connection between light, water and the sky. From a distance the top appears to be metallic and less far it seems to have a fluid surface due to the altering direction of the mosaic fragments. More close one can see the details in all mutual reflections.

The mosaic is made in different spiral-shaped layers, with each layer its own density of fragments. With transparent patterns in the mosaic, in opposite direction of the spirals, light patterns are made, with continuous changing colors. With this light patterns the installation does not only give reflections, this would be to massive and close, now it is more open and gives light by itself.

In this installation mixing and combining of structures are used, also changing and manipulating these structures are important to make this work complete. The way light sound and movement are used gives a strong connection between the work, its surroundings and the audience.

De bromtol heeft verschillende gedaantes, vandaar de titel ‘Fragmented Appearances’.

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