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A giant rotating marble run plays with movement, light and sound

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The giant marble run (3,5m height) gives an enchanting interplay of geometry, movement, light and sound. The marble run rotates, has the shape of a sphere and is a giant rotating marble itself. The marble track spirals downward following the surface of this sphere. In this way the marble follows a track around a marble. The slowly turning spiral-shaped marble run and repeating orbit of the marble gives an impressive work in a joyful and alienating ambience.

The rotating frame of the marble run pushes the marble upwards, which gives the impressive structure a beautiful simplicity. The upward and downward movements of the marble are supported by the soundscape and light-patterns of the led-strips following the marble track. The marble and light patterns of the led-strips, give a marvellous play of light patterns between the led-lights along the marble track and the orbiting marble.

With a slow and exciting movement a luminous marble is pushed to the top of the marble run. On top it will fall in the rotating luminous marble track and it can run freely downwards.

The installation is about the interplay between movements, geometry, light and sound. The marble run has two parts in its cycle, the upward movement with the spindle in the centre and the outer movement of the spiral shaped track. The two components are parts of one cycle, it can be seen as an inner growth and outer expression, preparing and action, sleep and awake. The moment the marble comes out of the inner spindle and falls in the outer spiral track, and the start of the upward movement are the moments of transition from one to the other state. Both parts of the cycle are supported by the light patterns and the soundscape, with each part of the cycle their own type of patterns and sounds. The geometry of the installation supports both the up- and downwards movements, like the inner growth and outer expression are dependent on each other. The variety in the light patterns celebrates the human variability and variability in growth and expression.

The installation is 3,5m high and has a 2,35 meter diameter marble run in the spherical shape of a marble. The entire track of the marbe run is illuminated with 57,5m neonflex RGB led-strips. The marble is a 20cm diameter illuminating sphere.
The illuminating marble run turns slowly around its vertical axis. Around the axis a screw shaped track brings the marble back at the top of the marble run. Rotation of the construction of the marble-run lifts the marble to the start of the orbit.

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