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Dutch: nederlandse vlag

Humming around and around ...

Vincenzo Castellana: percussion
Sandra Steen: dance
Gertjan Adema: guitar
Veronica Serberie Caballero: tops and technical support

Humming giant tops, with one meter diameter, play together with dance and live music and make a whirling, joyful and enchanting experience.

We make the tops hum and turn, make them grind, shake and rattle till they give light and smoke. We continuously provide a new ambiance full of energy. One moment the ambiance is lively and joyful, the other moment tender like a ballerina, or brave and stubborn, then it becomes melancholic and the endless rotating of the tops reminds of the repeating passing by of the seasons and slipping away of time. Or the ambiance is dark and threatening to become light and fairy-like thereafter, to end festive an colorfull.

Come and experience this world of playing with music by yourself.

Demo 'Humming around and around ...' at YouTube:


foto: Gienus Kruizinga
About the project:

Discovering the tops
My humming top performance is basically a combination of two projects I was already working on. For a festival performance I was looking for a theatrical way of performing my music. For school performances I was looking for new ideas to make music with children. A friend suggested I should use humming tops in the school performances. During my search for different kinds of humming tops I accidentally found the giant humming tops of Peter Schat (1953-2003), a famous Dutch composer of contemporary music. These tops with a diameter of a meter were exactly what I needed.

Remaining parts
In the seventies Schat constructed six giant humming tops for his composition 'To You'. I found the remaining parts at his son's and at the top designer's place. Unfortunately only parts of four tops had remained and were in a rather bad condition. But they donated me the remaining parts and I decided to try to repair the tops to give them a new life in my own performance.

I sorted out how they functioned back then and how I could use them in my performance. I started a crowdfunding project to collect the money I needed for buying the new parts like bearings, axes and spindles so that I could renovate the scales. But the greatest challenge was to let them sound like real humming tops again. With the toy tops like examples I made a new design for the inner part of the big tops and finally I succeeded in making them hum like real giant humming tops.

Gertjan Adema
foto: Ayu Polak
Oosterpoort Groningen
3 december 2014 - Lunchconcert
Posthuistheater Heerenveen
22 januari 2015: - Teaser
18 april - Try out
Tuin der Lusten
14 - 17 mei 2015 - Eefde
Universiteit Twente
27 mei 2015: O&O plein - Lunchconcert
Culture Night
19 juni 2015 - Vilnius Litouwen

Sonsbeek Theater Avenue Arnhem
do. 13 en vr. augustus om 19:30, 20:30 en 21:30 uur.

Valkhof Theater Avenue Nijmegen
za. 5 september
zo. 6 september

Amsterdam Fringe Festival
di. 8 t/m zo. 13 september

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