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Fragmented Appearances

This giant humming top plays with your inner and outer reflections.

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This humming top is really giant and brilliant. The rotating mirror mosaic creates an uninterrupted and fascinating play of reflections of the top with its surroundings. The slow turning of the top with the mosaic has a reflective and alienating effect. The playful shape of the humming top makes the play of light, sound and movement attractive for people from all ages.

Combining and manipulating shapes and structures creates a new object with new properties. In this process it is never completely predictable what the result will be, curiosity about the result is also one of the important drivers for entering into the process of construction. Although there are certain expectations in the creation process, the newly acquired installation can evoke different associations for everyone.

In addition to the personal interpretations that can be given, the installation offers an invitation to make a connection between inner and outer reflections. The detailed mirror mosaic represents individual convictions, the inner reflections. The projection of the mosaic in the environment represents the daily actions, the external reflections. For a good connection between these reflections, daily actions should be in accordance with individual convictions. Each individual mosaic shard has its own reflection direction, which represents the diversity in people's individual points of view. To see the reflection of a single mosaic shard, you have to turn around, which represents the step between the convictions and the choices associated with those convictions. The installation rotates, which represents the change due to the choices that are made. The soundscape is based on manipulated sounds of humming tops and sounds of breaking and vibrating glass. It is both attractive and alarming, and it evokes the alertness that is important for making the right choices. The use of magnified toys makes the installation playful and indicates that making choices is a learning process.

With the installation I invite the audience to think about the step that is necessary between individual beliefs and the choices you have to make that belong to these beliefs. This makes the connection between the inner and outer reflections.

The installation is designed for daytime and nighttime use. During the day, the daylight, and the change of light during the day, gives beautiful reflections in the mirror mosaic, reflections of sunlight and the evening sky are stunning. The reflections make a beautiful connection between the top and the environment and can be seen from a great distance. From a distance, the top appears to have a liquid surface due to the changing direction of the mosaic fragments, closer up the details emerge in all mutual reflections. The mosaic is made in several spiral lanes, each lane having its own density of fragments. With transparent patterns in the mosaic, in the opposite direction of the spirals, additional light patterns are created from the inside of the humming top.

The installation is called ‘Fragmented Appearances’, due to the different appearances of the humming top.

The shape of the installation is inspired on de giant humming tops of the Dutch composer Peter Schat (1935-2003) used in his composition 'To You'(1970-'72).

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