Gertjan Adema - Kinetic Lightartinstallations



foto: Ineke Vernimmen

Curriculum Vitae

Gertjan Adema (Bolsward, The Netherlands, 1971)

Gertjan Adema performs with his innovative productions at all kinds of festivals and stages. He works multidisciplinary with live music, soundscape, light, dance and kinetic installations.

For light-art festivals he makes kinetic stand-alone installations. Characteristic of his work is that he uses different elements and techniques. He combines and changes the elements in such a way that a new construction is created with new properties and its own appearance. Before applying these elements and techniques, he studies them thoroughly so that he can mix, change and manipulate them to create his own structures. By using contradictions and similarities, his work is ambiguous, leaving room for the public to discover its own images.

The slowly repetitive and rotating movements of his installations create a meditative, playful and alienating atmosphere. They use toys as one of the basic forms and are therefore accessible and recognizable for all ages. One of the installations is a gigantic humming top with mirror mosaic, in which the reflections of the mosaic provide a beautiful connection between the installation and its surroundings. The soundscape is based on sounds of glass and humming tops. His latest work is an enormous marble run, which rotates in its entirety and has the shape of a marble. The repetition of the shape of the marble in the marble track and the movement of the entire track together with the marble creates a special play of geometry and movement. The entire track is illuminated with programmed LED strips.

With use of crowdfunding he managed to renovate the giant humming tops of the Dutch composer Peter Schat (1935-2003). With these tops he has a production with dance, live-music and soundscape.

Together with Nazeer Abdulhai he has a duo with ud (Arabic lute) and guitar. This duo uses improvised and composed music with a large range of variety in styles and makes a beautiful en exceptional connection between Eastern and Western music.

Gertjan plays solo classical guitar, with music from Spain and Latin America, Arabic inspired music, ballads from Persia and raga's from India. Some of his music is recorded on video- presentations.

After his study mechanical engineering at the University of Twente Gertjan worked as aerodynamic designer of wind-turbine blades. He studied classical guitar at the conservatory of Zwolle by Jacob Vlijm, with masterclasses from Odair Assad, Michael Tröster and Carlo Marchioni.

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